You're only as good as your experience.

"I wish I knew that sooner."

Everyone has said this.

The ones who succeeded with a new idea, they say: "I'm gonna find out sooner."

When you wait too long to get your idea out there, you only learn what you needed when it's too late.

When you launch something fast, you learn fast. You learn what's really important up front. You are more informed now, so you make better choices. You say, "I'm glad I learned that now!"

"Launch fast and iterate" - Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator

The sooner you launch, the more time you have to try again. The more frequently you try, the more tries you get. The more tries you take, the smarter you get.

When you ship something lo-fi, something easy to update with feedback, that's how you learn faster.

That's how you build your experience faster.

And you're only as good as your experience.

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