How many options are enough?

How many options are enough?

If all you need is good enough, then you can go with it as soon as you find it.

But sometimes we need to find the best.

This means research and exploration, to understand our options. But at some point, we have to stop and choose.

Too few options and you have a high opportunity cost. Maybe we didn't see enough to have found the best option.

Too many options and the cost of choosing between them all becomes too high. We've already lost because all the time and effort of choosing isn't worth finding the best anymore.

The sweet spot is when you have enough options to understand the big trade-offs between them. This is when you can say, "this is the best because..." and you can say, "if this doesn't work, this is the next best because..."

And there's a handy rule of thumb for this.  Set aside a certain amount of time for finding the best, and use the first third of that time to explore without making a commitment.

After that third, you'll know what's best, and with the remaining time, when you find it, you can just go with it.

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