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How many options are enough?

We need to explore our options so we don't miss out, or worse, pick a losing idea.

But if we wait too long, we lose too. We get stuck searching, making excuses because we're scared to jump in. Or somebody else does it first. The opportunity is missed.

So when do we go for it?

The sweet spot is when you have enough options to understand the big trade-offs between them. When you can say, "this is the better because..." and you can say, "if this doesn't work, this is the next best because..."

There's a handy rule of thumb for this. Set aside a specific deadline for picking something. Use the first third of that time to explore without making a commitment, to just see the range of what's out there.

After that third, you'll have a good idea what's best. Keep searching and when you see it, you can just go with it.

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