Hi, I'm Sal.

I founded a few tech startups from the late 90's - nothing you've probably heard of, but enough for me to make enough money to keep at it. In 2009, I started Leancamp, a community of founders, coders and designers that grew to 3 continents and 20 major cities, who helped develop the Lean Startup methodology. That's when I started learning from other founders (and collecting their decision hacks.) Around 2011, I started Founder Centric, a training company that designed and delivered entrepreneurship education for Europe's top-tier universities like Oxford, Imperial and UCL, and also the new accelerators that were starting, like Seedcamp, Techstars, etc.

I got interested in how to start engineering startups in fast-growth markets like Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa - places where business school and startup methodologies didn't just plug in - so started Source Institute to focus on peer learning.

Find me on Twitter at @SaintSal or email me at smile@saintsal.com

There's more about me at salimvirani.com