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Signals - learn to really listen

Talking to customers is only useful when you've learned how to listen, and know what to listen for.

In early stage exploratory conversations, looking for business opportunities, you want to detect signals that point to where they need help. So get them to explain what they do, and listen for these signals:

Obstacles - Any problems or friction they encounter. (Lawyers and spouses are common here!)

Goals - What are they trying to achieve? Why? -ly words are clues here. Cheaply? Quickly? Conveniently? Big difference.

Actions - If you're really going to be useful, it'll be by helping them with something where they're already investing their time. If they're not looking for a better way, they'll never find your better solution. If they've invested their time in something, you'll get a sense of how much it's worth to them, and get a heads up from all their lessons learned.

If you're good, you'll hear 3 or 4 signals per minute, and you'll know which ones to explore.

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