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DIY is a timesaver

My grandpa built his own house in the country. When he wanted to train racing pidgeons, he just built the pens. No problem. I was never so handy, and always needed to find tradespeopel before I could get simple things fixed at my place.

Later, I switched from Mac OSX to Arch Linux on my computer. Arch is the geekiest of Do It Yourself (DIY) Linuxes, where you choose and configure every component of your operating system - it doesn't just install and work. It was slow at first, but within a few months, something profound had changed. When I had a new need, I wasn't wasting time researching a bunch of not-quite-right apps, I was quickly building something that worked perfectly for me. And the returns on this investment compound every time I have a new need - I get something great whipped up fast - just like my grandpa and his pidgeon houses.

At first, learning to code, or do your accounting, or figure our your marketing, seems daunting and slow. But the time saving pays off quickly, and soon DIY is the fastest and best option.

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