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Yeah, but will they actually buy?

We used to say that most startups die because they built something nobody wanted. So we talked to our prospective customers, and learned they want it. But they didn't buy anyway!

How can you avoid this? Watch out for the following:

  • They don't describe the need that they have the same way you do.
  • They don't have the budget, support or resources ready now. They talk a great talk, but aren't actually ready to roll.
  • They haven't done anything about it, like trying stuff or researching solutions. It seems like it's on their todo list, but it's really on their todo someday list.
  • They're not real people you've met - they're just figments of your imagination.

And you can always test their actual behaviour, rather than relying on past behaviour as a guide -

  • Get them to put skin in the game now. Pay some money, invest some time, risk some of their reputation.
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