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The Action Zone

Have you noticed how successful entrepreneurs act like they're in a car chase movie? They're constantly spotting windows of opportunity and moving forward. They're not just brave (or stupid), they're good at making fast decisions with imperfect information. And when they see an obstacle ahead, do they park the car for a second to analyze the situation?

No, entrepreneurs live for The Pursuit!

If you're an entrepreneur, you go, and you make the go-or-no-go decision on the run. You learn as you go.

Successful entrepreneurs have developed skills so they can make good decisions fast.

The Action Zone

But first things first. Back to your opportunity. Are you going to find a reason to sit in safety and analyze? Or are you going to jump in the car and go!?

You might think you can get it right before you take any risk. That you can discover the perfect customer need and design the perfect business model, that you can line up your targets so perfectly and them BOOM! Fire the cannon and execute for growth!

But other than the fact that businesses are not fire-and-forget, the reality is that if you like the Analysis Zone, you'll justify staying there. You won't learn what's really important to get you towards your vision. In most cases, people who tell themselves "learn then execute" really do this instead...

In The Action Zone, where there are consequences, we tend to justify action. Learning directs us. In the Analysis Zone, where there are no consequences, we tend to justify inaction. Learning detains us.

In Analysis Mode, you can't lose, but you can't win either. If you find yourself staying comfortable there, you need to know one thing.

Entrepreneurs don't learn then execute.

They learn as they execute.

So if I anyone can help you become a successful entrepreneur, it's you. You have to find The Pursuit within yourself, whether it's a window of financial opportunity or a way to change the world.

Get yourself into Action Mode. The worst thing you can do with your potential is never start.

So do you have an itch to act? Great! Do it! Go, go, go!

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